Lawrence of Arabia


Lawrence is a  man of intelligence and extraordinary drive. “Nothing is written” he likes to say and in other moments he admits that he is not normal. Peter O’Toole plays Lawrence like some kind of prophet and at times he does look like one.

Based on a true story, it is about an army officer who is assigned to gather information about Arabian tribes that were fighting the Ottomans during World War 2.  What follows is a transformation of character and events as Lawrence slowly adapts to the Arabian culture while the tribes begin to unite under his leadership.

‘Arabia is for Arabs’ says Lawrence as he debates with his superiors (Jack Hawkins) regarding the territorial claims. These are in the demands of Prince Faisal (Alec Guinness) and Sherif Ali (Omar Sharif) who believe in their British ally. Also supporting their battles is another tribe called the Howeitat led by Auda abu Tayi (Anthony Quinn). And the more involved Lawrence gets into his mission the more confused and conflicted he becomes. Soon enough he has turned from an assessor of predicaments  into a bizarre soldier figure to marshal armies against the Ottomans.

The cinematography by F.A. Young is shot using a wider frame, which provides an expanded view particularly for the desert scenery. It travels to different locations with great effort in capturing splendid sunlight, giving the surrounding nature a mesmerizing impression.Directed by David Lean and from a screenplay by Robert Bol and Michael Wilson, the grand production coupled with strong performances make Lawrence of Arabia a magnificent sight to experience.