Michel (Jean-Paul Belmondo) is a fedora -wearing, heavy smoking thief who appears to be making decisions on a whim. He is also very dangerous. After being apprehended by the police in France, he shoots two  officers. Then he drives to the city and tries to woo a journalist named Patricia (Jean Seberg) into accompanying him to Rome.

Patricia shares similarities with Michel. They are impulsive and vain. They’re both easy going. But she is more contemplative. Her decision to go with Michel is undecided and she tells him that she may not love him, despite her pregnancy.

The French film, directed by Jean-Luc Godard, utilizes jump cuts and discontinuity. This is supported by a narrative that seems to lack direction through the random and spontaneous behaviors of the lead characters.

But there is some depth. In their private conversations, Michel and Patricia compare opinions about women and this is perhaps one of the factors that help Patricia In determining whether she should stay with Michel.

Breathless has an attractive sense of realism in style. There’s that whimsical mood to it. The performances are good nevertheless and some themes are interestingly discussed.