The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer

the bachelor★★★

An unusual situation has two sisters attracted to the same man. One is a judge named Margaret and the younger is Susan who is in high school. It all starts when Richard Nugent (Cary Grant), a famous artist with a reputation for public disturbance, meets Susan (Shirley Temple), an infatuated fan of his work. He invites her to his apartment for a photo shoot. This invitation is discovered later by Margaret (Myrna Loy) who misunderstands the intentions and thinks that Richard is trying to take advantage of Susan. 

She gets Richard arrested by the authorities. And there is a surprising psychological turn of events. Based on the conclusion by the judge and expert advisers, Richard is to continue seeing Susan as friends, taking her out on dates with the scientific hope of snapping her out of the infatuation.

The situation only gets complicated when Margaret begins to gain more interest in Richard’s mature charms. Meanwhile Jerry (Johnny Sands), Susan’s boyfriend, becomes more helplessly jealous of Richard. Margaret , a stately woman who knows how to govern her feelings, is played by Myrna Loy as domineering, mistrustful, but also vulnerable in a very faint way.

Inventiveness is part of the stories charm. How Richard spends time with Susan is attracting to Margaret. The confusion in the resolution of circumstances adds to the amusement. Directed by Irving Reis and with a screenplay by Sidney Sheldon, The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer has wit and a handful of loud laughs to accompany it.