Bringing Up Baby


David and Alice are excited for a huge monetary donation for their museum. They need to purchase one more bone and their Brontosaurus skeleton is complete. Shaking up their lives is Susan (Katharine Hepburn) who is ill disposed to accidents. At a golf course, she gives a good example of her tendencies when unintentionally she takes David’s golf ball and later his car from the parking lot. From this meeting, David and Susan communicate over the phone. Then Susan falls in love with David. The two go on a string of misadventures involving a leopard named ‘Baby’, chickens, car theft, and the recovery of the dinosaur bone which a small dog has taken in delight.

Hepburn plays Susan as eager, charming, farcical, all together and the performance has comic timing. Cary Grant as David and May Robson as Alice are good too. Much of the humor in the narrative are visual, based on slapstick comedy. The desperate reasoning behind their actions support the humor as one improbable situation piles onto the next. There is also a rapid pace to the story. It’s a riot. Directed by Howard Hawks and written by Dudley Nichols, Hagar Wilde, Robert McGowan, and Gertrude Purcell, it’s a funny, farcical, clever comedy.