Kong: Skull Island



Kong: Skull Island is an engaging blockbuster. Although i didn’t like the way it began nor was i too fond of the first half, it got more exciting and progressed to an impressive finale. I was thankful for that. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, there is plenty of action, hardly a dull moment, and admiration must be given to the special effects team who create some magnificent spectacles. The story is basic because it is once again about a group of explorers (and soldiers) who encounter the giant ape in his home of Skull Island. But their reasons for travelling there are interesting and King Kong isn’t the only giant they run into.

The characters are played by John Goodman, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, John Ortiz and many others. Hiddleston, as fine an actor as he is, i thought seemed miscast as a tracker. But it is Samuel Jackson and John C. Reilly who are compelling. The former is an embittered Lieutenant who seems to be cooking bad ideas throughout the story and the latter is a stranded war veteran who has moved on to a peaceful state of living with the islands natives. I also liked some of the performances by the supporting cast who give subtle impressions about their mission and part in the Vietnam War. Which brings about an effective mild undercurrent that i did not expect in a monster movie – an antiwar sentiment. So i liked the movie overall, and had the first half been a bit more creative, perhaps i would have liked it a lot more.